SnoBear is the Ultimate Ice Fishing Vehicle - Part RV, Part Snowmobile, Part Car, Part Boat, Part Ice Hut, Part Bunkhouse & More

SnoBear is a new kind of recreational vehicle that’s part snowmobile, part car, part boat, part mobile ice hut, part bunkhouse and a whole lot more. SnoBear drives like a car, with features like an automatic transmission, power steering and disc brakes and, for safety on the ice, it has a composite body that allows the vehicle to float.

An RV-style furnace and insulated cabin keep things warm and, when you’re ready to sleep, just flip down the wall-mounted bunks and spend the night in comfort!

SnoBear UAG

Watch a video of the SnoBear in action.


I dont know...AirScooter for me

No more thin ice, deep snow, pressure cracks trouble....only need to worry about the fishing........talking about ultimate



My Back Up Ice Fishing Boat When the SnoBear Breaks Down

This is the York Regional Police boat used to rescue ice fishing anglers stranded on the Lake Simcoe ice floes. The boat has a propeller fan engine and has a flat bottom hull for travelling over ice. The boat has no brakes so the driver must operate the boat at full speed and spin the boat around in a U turn to stop the boat.






Can't say I enjoyed that ride few yrs back

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