Video on Shooting Docks For Crappie

Shooting docks is fun when fishing for crappie. I first learned about this technique when Wally "Mr. Crappie" Marshall spoke at Bass Pro Shops Vaughan Mills. Wally is one of America's leading crappie tournament anglers and crappie expert. Check out his web site at He has an awesome customized truck and boat in matching colours. He designs crappie rods and reels. I bought the Wally Marshall 5'2" light power rod and reel combo for shooting docks.

The technique for shooting docks is very effective for presenting your lure under docks to crappie. Basically, you aim and shoot your jig to a position you have chosen under the dock. The best way to learn this technique is to watch the Youtube video and then go out and practice on the water. 

Part 2 Video


Thanks Blinky

Great technique... great video

...Folks it's time to do some backyard practice to sharpen your technique before ice out

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